The Cleaning Leaders LLC is a Cleaning Company

initiated in Dayton, OH 11 years ago.

We are a family owned and operated company, certified as SBE, MBE, MWBE with the department of general services Metro TDOT, and Airport  proud to serve the greater area of Nashville TN.
Since our arriving to Tennessee we had worked and cleaned more than 60 projects, it has been an incredible experience for us to be involved in the growing of such beautiful city like Nashville. From the Gulch to the Downtown, we had been cleaning some of the buildings that are changing Nashville’s skyline like the Bridgestone Tower, the Ascend Amphitheater, the Thompson Hotel for mention some of them.
In all this 11 years we had worked for more than 20 different local, national and international Construction companies.
We lead the way to a better, healthier and cleaner environment.
We do not compete with prices, we compete with quality in the cleaning service industry.
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“We are your Cleaning Solution”